The quality of our non iron shirts speak for itself. All I can say is you can wear it to feel the difference.

Other than the fabric, Vanda Tailors non iron shirts are made from 100% cotton, with crisp collar and cuff, felled stitch and perfect fit.

We are perhaps the only Hoi An tailor or even Vietnam tailor to offer 100% cotton fabrics that are non iron. Here are some reasons why our fabrics are so popular:

Comfortable legit cotton

Our 100% cottons are mixture of long-stape cotton, premium American cotton and other other qualified materials that give it a non-ironing finishing process. Our non-iron fabrics are OEKO tex certified, so you can be assured fabrics do not go through harsh chemical treatment.

Nobody likes to iron

Our fabrics go through a proprietary treatment process. Liquid ammonia and moist-cure process followed by post curing technique. Non iron shirts are also environmentally friendly and absorb less water.

Our non iron cotton fabric reaches up to level 4 after 30 times of washing under AATCC 124 standard. In short, your shirt has good crease resistance.

Soft Fabrics

Proper shirts should be soft and comfortable like our non iron shirt fabrics.

Reality is however different. Many cotton shirts are tough to iron. Many non-iron polyester shirts can be unbearably uncomfortable to wear in hot weather. Many polyester non iron shirts also go through harsh chemical treatment to attain non-iron properties.

Come and feel the difference of our 100% non iron shirts.

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